I'm Emma.  

Remember the slow and endless pleasure that was summer vacation in high school? The way you had all the time in the world for fun and relaxation, with nothing more pressing than getting brain freeze from a slurpee to weigh on you. Take a break from the boring daily grind and let me help you escape to that weightless sensation of freedom and pleasure again. 

I'm a slender redhead with curves in all the right places, a sprinkling of freckles across my nose and shoulders, long wavy red hair that I love to have played with, and an exotic tilt to my green eyes. Put the mundane world on hold, breathe deep and let me ease all that tension out for you. You'll feel amazing all over [I'm especially good at deep tissue work] but I engage your mind as well as your body: dirty nerdy girlfriend, seductive secretary, spicy temptress, we can authentically engage with them all. 
Between playtime we can talk about the current political tensions, the latest Pulitzer, history, or your favourite big budget superhero blockbuster--I'm a girl of many interests and talents. 
Confide in me all your deepest fantasies, I can give you something more. 

Our shared time together is a sweet secret we can think about whenever class and work get boring. I'm ready for you when you want something more, something authentic, unique, and unforgettable. 

I don't see many people because of my class and internship schedule, and I want to be able to give you 110% of my energy and attention. I appreciate longer engagements where we can really become intimate, when I can discover what you need and give it to you! I love the way intimacy and connection grow over time, and I hope to find a patron who shares this interest in genuine pleasure and delight.