New blog post!  And new pictures ;)

under d sea.jpg



I'm taking on microbiology class this summer and savouring the sweet heat and my slow schedule, keeping myself fueled with Salt & Straw's Gooey Chocolate Brownie (delicious!) and ginger turmeric kombucha from down the street (but not together, yow!) 

It's the start of the work week but it's also officially summer now, and who knows what the world has in store?  Remember 1st grade, the giddy glee when you almost swung yourself over the top of swing set and everyone gasped? Let me bring that feeling to you.
You're busy, the sun is shining, and life is good, so treat yourself: duck out to go to the swimming hole, pick up a slurpee or a malted milkshake, and meet me for a special retreat to keep your muscles supple and relaxed, your energy stimulated and flowing, and your mind fresh and alert to life's deliciousness.  

Let's take all the pleasure we deserve. Let me help you stay open to the world with with trigger point massage to release your muscle tension while we evaporate mental stressors with breathless laughter. 




New photos and a new blog entry! I'm giddy with spring, so ready for a spring fling, and filling my place with the smell of lilies and baking.